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$9319_w37_h20.png$ = ____

A $6106_w22_h16.png$
$9319_w37_h20.png$ The rule for raising an exponent to another exponent is: $1090_w155_h18.png$ So: $7399_w135_h20.png$ Also, $9319_w37_h20.png$ is the same as $3818_w92_h20.png$. Remember the rule for multiplying variables with the same base: copy the base and add the exponents. So we have: $9005_w214_h20.png$ which is the same answer as above.
B $5883_w22_h16.png$
C $6840_w25_h16.png$
D $5031_w16_h16.png$