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(4x+2)(x+1)= ____

A \(4 x^2+6x+2\)

This is a multiplying binomials problem. Multiply the first term in the first binomial by both terms in the second binomial: \(4 x^2+4x\)
Then multiply the second term in the first binomial by each term in the second binomial: 2x+2
Adding them all together you get:
\(4 x^2+4x+2x+2\)
\(4 x^2+6x+2\)



10 months ago

Great easy to use app. Like some of the features in the app that breaks down the different sections. Although only the English and math really matter, I like to touch up on the other sections I am an Army recruiter in the Southern California area. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to hmu. SSG Flores 323-420-8409

Anakin Buen

10 months ago

Re-learning the things I never should have forgot!

mariuxi ventura

10 months ago

very helpful 👌🏽

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