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1.5 volts sent through a 20 KΩ resistor would result in ____ of current.

A 0.075 milliamperes
Ohm's Law states that voltage is equal to current times resistance, or, V = IR. Solve the equation for current, I, and substitute the known values, noting that 20k ohms is equivalent to 20,000 ohms: I = 1.5V/20,000ohms.
This yields an answer of amperes, but the answer choices only provide milliamperes. To convert amperes to milliamperes, use the conversion factor of 1 A = 1000 mA: 0.000075A x (1000 mA/1A) = 0.075 mA.
Note that the A's in the numerator and denominator cancel, leaving the desired mA; this technique is called dimensional analysis and proves extremely useful in verifying answers.
B 7.5 milliamperes
C 75 milliamperes
D 0.000075 milliamperes