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Mechanical Comprehension

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The ASVAB Mechanical Comprehension test gauges your knowledge of basic mechanical principles and mechanisms. This subtest includes a lot of questions about mechanical operations. To get a good score on this section, it may also require your math skills to answer questions related to mechanical processes by taking calculations based on math formulas.

The subtest score will not be counted to your AFQT score but it will determine which specific military jobs you are qualified for. On the computerized CAT-ASVAB, you have 20 minutes to finish 16 questions. The paper-and-pencil version includes 25 questions and you have 19 minutes to finish it.

Here are some samples of ASVAB Mechanical questions you may meet in your test:

  • An 80-lb child is sitting on one end of a seesaw. If another 80-lb child jumps from a high platform onto the other end of the seesaw, what will happen?
  • Which principle of mechanical motion is used in the design of a roller coaster?
  • What are the three components of a lever?

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