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The ASVAB Mathematics Knowledge section tests your understanding of numerous math areas, concluding algebra and geometry. It is available for both the computerized version (CAT-ASVAB) and the paper-and-pencil version. The CAT ASVAB math test concludes 16 questions and you have 20 minutes to finish it. The paper-and-pencil version has 25 questions in 24 minutes.

Calculators are not allowed to use in the Mathematics Knowledge section. The best way to prepare for the test is to familiarize yourself with as many ASVAB Math questions as you can. Your score on this test is counted to your AFQT Score and directly affects your percentile rank. Be sure you are well prepared for this section before entering the real exam.

Here are some ASVAB Math practice questions that may be concluded on the test

  • The dimensions of this cube are height h = 8, length l = 4, and width w= 6. What is the volume?
  • A woman buys 23 pounds of potatoes. She gives 10% of them to a neighbor and 15% of them to her mother. How many pounds does she have left?
  • The equation of a line is given as y = 3x + 5. Which of the following points does not lie on the line?

All the Math questions and answers are based on the previous ASVAB tests and crafted as close as possible to the real test. Our free ASVAB math knowledge practice test will help you understand thoroughly the problems in this area. You can retake our practice test unlimited times to boost your knowledge and confidence. 

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