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About ABC E-learning Marine ASVAB Practice Test 2023

Candidates must meet the minimum ASVAB scores to join the Maries, just like the other military branches. The USMC, or United States Marine Corps, has developed several minimum requirements based on ASVAB test data for those interested in enlisting. Our free Marine ASVAB practice test could help you achieve a passing score.

To pass the ASVAB test as a high school graduate, you must have a score of at least 32. You can join the Marines if you don't have a high school diploma and have a GED or high school equivalency with a minimum score of 50.

The jobs available in the USMC have varying ASVAB minimum score requirements, which means you must not only pass the test but also do your best to achieve the highest possible score. After you have completed the Marine ASVAB requirements, you must obtain a good Marine ASVAB study guide.

marine asvab practice test Marine ASVAB practice test

Marine Corps Jobs

Jobs or positions in the USMC are called Military Occupational Specialty, commonly referred to as MOS. The USMC will determine which Military Occupational Specialty or MOS you are qualified in by combining different ASVAB subset scores, also called line scores. There is a list of the Marine Corps MOS Codes.

Listed below are the ASVAB subtests used by the USMC.

  • Arithmetic Reasoning or AR
  • Mathematics Knowledge or MK
  • Word Knowledge or WK
  • Paragraph Comprehension or PC
  • General Science or GS
  • Numerical Operations or NO
  • Coding Speed or CS
  • Auto and Shop Information or AS
  • Mechanical Comprehension or MC
  • Electronics Information or EI
  • Sum of Word Knowledge and Paragraph Comprehension or VE

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