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How To Become An Army Officer In 2023?

Army officers are in charge of commanding, training, and motivating soldiers in a variety of military specialties. Follow this article to find more information.

March 3, 2022

If you want to be a US Army officer, you should first learn about the role and see if your skills make you a good fit. This post discusses the job of a United States Army officer, the required skill sets, how long it takes to become one, and how to become one.

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What is a U.S. Army officer?

An officer in the United States Army is a member of the military with command and leadership duties. A commissioned officer, a non-commissioned officer, or a warrant officer are all examples of this role.

Army Officers in the United States Army assign tasks to subordinates, make resource allocation choices, coordinate and plan troop actions, offer support when required, and lead by example, much like managers do. They also operate and command numerous military vessels in addition to their leadership responsibilities.

Officers in the United States Army earn an average of $50,870 a year. Depending on location and experience, earnings might range from $14,000 to $94,000 per year.

What skills does an army officer need?

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To start your Army officer career, firstly you have to know the requirements that an Army officer needs to obtain. Officers in the United States Army must possess a wide range of abilities in order to do their jobs effectively. Here are some examples of skills required for this position:

  • Leadership skills: Army Officers use leadership skills to lead other military members. They guide their troops through a variety of exercises and activities, as well as instruct them on military regulations.
  • Physical endurance: To serve in the United States Army, you must be physically healthy, active, and able to handle prolonged physical activity. Officers in the United States Army rely on their physical endurance to lead activities and their strength to handle machinery.
  • Teamwork skills: Both inside and outside of war, US Army leaders use their teamwork skills to bring their troops together and create bonding and a collaborative environment.
  • Adaptability: These troops utilize their ability to adjust to new situations to figure out new methods to manage or move through them. Because a large part of their job is combat, which may come at any time, U.S. Army commanders must be able to think rapidly and make the best strategic judgments possible for their troops.

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What education and training do you need to be in the Army?

In this part, you will know how to become an army officer. The US Military Academy, the Army Reserve Officers’ Training Corps, the Officer Candidate School, or Direct Commission Officer are the four options for earning a commission in the US Army. Applicants must have completed high school, passed a medical and physical exam, and be at least 17 years old.

US Military Academy

Bachelor of Science degrees in engineering and liberal arts are available at the United States Military Academy in West Point, New York. You will be commissioned as a second lieutenant in the United States Army after graduation. After that, you must serve for at least eight years in both active and reserve duty. The admissions process is quite competitive. Nominations from U.S. senators and representatives are often used to make appointments. Applicants should begin their application for admission to the academy by the middle of their junior year of high school.

The following are the procedures to become an officer.

Officer training

You will attend a Basic Officer Leader Course for general training after graduating from West Point. You will take branch-specific courses to get technical expertise in your specialty once you have completed the program.

Unit assignment

You will serve in a US Army unit for three years, gaining experience in troop command. The United States Army has 17 specialties or “branches” to which you will be assigned to gain further technical and tactical knowledge.

Make career choice

After your fifth year, you have the option of continuing your schooling and furthering your Army career. This might entail getting extra training or looking for a graduate job. You can also opt to complete your military duty (Army Reserve or National Guard) and return to civilian life

Army Reserve Officers’ Training Corps

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The Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (ROTC) of the United States Army is a college program that assists young individuals in preparing for military careers. ROTC is presently provided at over 300 institutions, with agreements in place at over 1,000 colleges and universities.

The basic course and the advanced course are the two parts of Army ROTC. The freshman and sophomore years of college are covered in the basic course. Students are not obligated to serve in the military and may withdraw at any time. During their last two years of college, selected students may enroll in the advanced course. Students in the advanced level are provided with uniforms, textbooks, and a stipend. Cadets attend a six-week advanced camp between their junior and senior years of college during the summer.

Scholarships in form of extremely competitive scholarships are offered for two, three, or four years, with varying amounts available for each year. A stipend for textbooks and materials is also included in the scholarship offer.

Students agree to serve in the US Army for up to eight years after graduation in exchange for scholarships and stipends. The following are the steps to becoming an officer in the United States Army through an ROTC program:

Contact your academic adviser or the Army ROTC enrollment officer on campus

If you’re still in high school, your academic adviser can supply you with information on ROTC programs at universities and colleges. Speak with your on-campus Army ROTC enrollment officer whether you’re in college, junior college, or graduate school.

Cadets in the United States Army ROTC can major in almost any subject. They will be commissioned as second lieutenants in the United States Army after graduation. After that, they can pursue specialized training in one of the Army’s 17 branches.

Enroll in the Simultaneous Membership Program (SMP)

As a member of the Army National Guard, you can get US Army ROTC instruction through the SMP. Once a month, you’ll be paid to drill with your Guard unit over the two-year training. Along with your ROTC allowances, you can also earn benefits from the United States Army Reserve or National Guard. You’ll be commissioned as a second lieutenant and have the option of joining the National Guard or the US Army after graduation.

Officer candidate school

Officer Candidate School is a 14-week program that prepares enlisted personnel, warrant officers, and civilians with a college diploma to become Army officers. Before applying, enlisted soldiers and warrant officers must have completed 90 semester credit hours of college. A bachelor’s degree is required for civilian candidates. Officer Candidate School (OCS) currently commissions about 1,000 officers every year, roughly equal to the 900 officers commissioned by the school. The following are the steps to become an officer in the United States Army through OCS:

Meet the requirements

There are three methods to be considered for OCS training at Fort Benning, Georgia. They are as follows:

  • Non-commissioned soldiers with a four-year degree, no more than six years of active duty, an age range of 19 to 32, and secret security clearance.
  • Civilians who have a four-year degree, are citizens of the United States, and are between the ages of 19 and 32 are eligible for secret security clearance.
  • Members of the United States Army Reserve who have completed at least a four-year degree and have served for no more than six years on active duty and are between the ages of 19 and 32 are eligible for secret security clearance.

Complete your training

Basic combat training must be completed before starting OCS. After that, you’ll spend 12 weeks at Fort Benning through intensive tactical and leadership training. You will be commissioned as a second lieutenant in the United States Army after graduation.

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Direct commission officer

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You can also become an officer in the United States Army by becoming a direct commission officer first. A direct commission is often offered to someone with a specialty skill that the US Army needs at the moment. Individuals with experience in the medical, chaplaincy, law, or technological fields are considered for this position. A member of the US Army medical team, a US Army cyber officer, and a US Army chaplain corps officer are examples of these roles.

Minimum qualifications and experience are required in each field. You will attend the Basic Officer Leadership Course (BOLC) in your assigned region upon appointment. Once you’ve completed BOLC, your officer rank (up to colonel) will be determined.

Warrant Officers

An Army warrant officer is a military officer who is appointed by the Secretary of the Army on the basis of technical and tactical competence. The warrant officer is a highly specialized specialist and trainer who develops increasing degrees of knowledge and leadership through operating, maintaining, administering, and managing Army equipment, support operations, and technological systems.

Becoming a warrant officer necessitates a high level of expertise in a given field. Army warrant officers must be capable of leading others and have a strong willingness to improve their technical skills via professional development, training, and education. They learn to execute efficiently in the most challenging roles through schooling, experience, assignments, and promotions.

How long does it take to be an Army officer?

It all depends on whatever option you take. You can receive an officer title upon enrollment if you have at least a four-year college degree; however, there are various alternative methods to become a U.S. Army officer, including:

  • Senior military college or service academy: four years or more for the undergraduate degree requirement
  • ROTC program: The undergraduate degree requirement for an ROTC program at a college or university is four years or more.
  • Officer candidate school: A four-year bachelor’s degree is required, with a 12-week training session.
  • Direct commission: You will receive a commission as soon as you join the US Army, however, this may alter based on your requirements.


Is it hard to be an officer in the Army?

Officer candidates should expect early mornings, late nights, and a lot of hard work. Even the most capable leaders are challenged to meet the pre-commissioning prerequisites within extremely short time frames. Your physical and mental strengths will be put to the ultimate test at OCS.

How fast can you become an officer in the Army?

The ROTC is a 4- year commitment in general, but it is possible to finish the program and qualify as a fully commissioned officer within as little as 2 years through Cadet Initial Entry Training. has more information on this accelerated track.

How long can an officer serve in the Army?

Each regular commissioned officer of the Army, Navy, Air Force, or Marine Corps serving in a general or flag officer grade shall retire on the first day of the month following the month when the officer achieves the age of 64 unless retired or separated earlier.

How much do officers in the army get paid?

The average yearly salary for a U.S. Army officer in the United States is roughly $47,325, which is in line with the national average. (Indeed)

You will have the opportunity to learn and develop your leadership skills as a US Army officer. Commissioned officers are a diverse, competitive, and battle-hardened corps in today’s Army. As we mentioned in our previous post, there are four ways to get a commission in the United States Army: the United States Military Academy at West Point, the Reserve Officer Training Corps, and the United States Army Officer Candidate School at Fort Benning, Georgia. We hope you found the information we provided useful. Thank you for your time reading this!

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