asvab word knowledge tips

Useful ASVAB Word Knowledge Tips You Should Know

This post will indicate the most useful ASVAB Work Knowledge tips as well as ASVAB practice resources that will help you well prepare for your coming challenge! 

This post will indicate the most useful ASVAB Word Knowledge tips as well as ASVAB practice resources that will help you well prepare for your coming challenge! 

The ASVAB Word Knowledge Test is a test that measures your knowledge of words. It’s one of the ASVAB subtests, which you take to qualify for military service. As you know, ASVAB stands for Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery, and it’s the most widely used multiple-aptitude battery in the world. The ASVAB tests whether you can learn new material quickly or if you have information about specific jobs or careers in mind.

An ASVAB Word Knowledge Test is a test that helps determine your ASVAB scores and to shows how well you know words. It has 25 questions and you can answer them in 15 minutes. The ASVAB Word Knowledge Test includes questions about synonyms, antonyms, definitions, spelling, grammar usage, word relationships, and more. You should do as many of these practice tests as possible because it will help you increase your ASVAB score!

Thus, you need a careful study plan for one of the most challenging parts of the ASVAB – ASVAB Word Knowledge! We also prepare some tips to help you attack the meaning of unfamiliar words.

The Word Knowledge subtest of the ASVAB requires you to both be able to differentiate words based on their spelling and to know what various words mean.

In other words, this section of the test is all about your vocabulary. Some of the questions will simply ask you what a word means. Other questions will use the word in context and then you will need to pick the definition. 

asvab word knowledge tips
ASVAB word knowledge tips

Analyze the Word

The first thing you should do when coming to the question is analyzing the keyword. It’s also a popular strategy when determining the meaning of a word, that is to break it down by word part.

If it is a compound word, break it down into its separate parts to help gain meaning. If there are discernible prefixes or suffixes, can you identify a familiar root? What are those prefixes and suffixes doing to the root word?

There are hundreds of prefixes, suffixes, and roots that serve as the building blocks of the English language. Studying some ahead of time and seeing their effect on word meanings will help you much when you see them at work in new words.

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Use Context Clues

One of the most popular techniques for students no matter what age they are is when they encounter a new word is to consider the context clues. This means looking at the words around the unknown word to see if there are any hints as to its meaning.

Sometimes, an example or implied definition might be close at hand. You have to find out what the rest of the sentence says and how it relates to the unknown word.

However, remember that this technique only works in the test questions containing the word in the context of a sentence. Some of the questions will just give you a word and you have to answer what word most nearly means. And the available options they provide may be just as unfamiliar as the tested word. In that case, a different strategy is necessary.

Make an Educated Guess

If the context clues and word-breaking parts aren’t working, maybe you should try looking at the word and saying it to yourself. And then think of what word it can remind you of visually. “What word does it sound like?”

Sometimes, there appear visual or audio clues that will remind you of another word with a similar meaning, and then you can make an educated guess. When all else fails, it’s important to do this trick.

So, if you can make an educated guess about a word, you may get it right and boost your score. But remember, this is a time-limited test, so no matter what strategies you use, let’s do it quickly and move on to the next question.

ASVAB Word Knowledge Tips

When you’re taking the Word Knowledge subtest, remember these tips:

  • Look at the sentence context for clues to a word’s meaning.
  • Narrow down your choices:
  • If two answer choices are very close in meaning, neither one is probably correct.
  • If two answer choices are opposite in meaning, one of them is probably correct.

Look for words or phrases that can help you eliminate answer choices.

Use a dictionary to find the meanings of difficult words. ASVAB Word Knowledge is about synonyms, antonyms, definitions, spelling, grammar usage, and word relationships. You will need some study time in order to increase your ASVAB score!

Our Free ASVAB Practice test

asvab word knowledge tips
ASVAB word knowledge tips


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