U.S. Army Height and Weight Standards for Females

U.S. Army Height and Weight Standards for Females

If joining the Army is what you wish, there’s one thing you should know, which is the U.S. Army height and weight standards. Are you meet this?

If joining the Army is what you wish, there’s one thing you should get familiar with as soon as possible, which is the U.S. Army height and weight standards. Army Height and weight requirements play an important role in the screening process for future soldiers and it is something all officers and enlisted recruits must contend with as a mandatory condition of entry into military service.

The US Army has created Army height and weight standards for female soldiers. The US Army Female Height and Weight Standards are used to determine if a female is of the appropriate size for enlistment. This blog post will go over the different standards related to height and weight in the military, as well as provide potential solutions for those who do not meet the requirements.

How Are Weight and Height Measurements Taken?

Army recruits take official weight and height measurements to determine a candidate’s physical condition.

This is a compulsory part of the physical exam of the Military Entrance Processing Station (MEPS) that every candidate must follow and pass before being sworn in as a new recruit.

Both height and weight measurements are rounded up or down to the nearest whole digit.

The rounding off depends on whether it is more or less than .5lb or inch. For example, if your weight is 119.6lbs, the official weight that will be noted down will be 120lbs.

If your weight goes over the required maximum limit, then the MEPS officials are able to carry out body fat percentage tests before letting you continue to be a recruit.

These are the requirements that they must meet if they want to enlist in the army. The information is broken down into two categories: height and weight.

Height Requirements

The U.S military has specific height range standards that all recruits have to fall in.

The reason why they have such a strict height range requirement is that the military doesn’t have a flexible budget or time to tailor-make customized uniforms and equipment for officers outside the set of that height range.

In addition, the tanks, shipboard, and airplane duties will be too hard to conduct if someone doesn’t meet the set of height standards. Therefore, if you fall outside this range, you will be rejected.

For Armed Forces female applicants, the cause for rejection to the U.S. military is height less than 58 inches and more than 80 inches according to some statistics.

However, Marines have more restrictive height standards with make applicants having a range of between 58 inches and 78 inches while female applicants should fall between 58 inches and 72 inches.

Is there a growth allowance?

The minimum age for joining the US military is 17 years, although this calls for parental consent.

This means that there is still room for growth.

However, as long as you pass the physical exam of MEPS, you cannot be disqualified if you attain a height exceeding the set standards. It should be noted that you may be disqualified for certain MOS ratings if there are height restrictions.

Weight Requirements

This follows a standard chart that takes gender, age groups, and height into account to determine the maximum and minimum weight limits.

New recruits have a higher weight limit than those already serving in the military.

For example, a recruit who is between 17 and 20 years, with a height of 60 inches, should not exceed 120lbs. for females and 139lbs for males.

However, if you are in the military, your maximum weight limit is 116lbs for females and 132lbs for males

Weight Waiver

If you exceed the maximum weight limit for your height, gender, and age group, you may be granted a weight waiver as long as you are under the maximum body fat percentage for your age and gender.

With that in mind, let’s show you the height and weight requirements for joining the U.S. Army.

US Army Female Height and Weight Standards

Below you will find the United States Army has height and weight maximum and minimum requirements to join the Army for female applicants. Army height and weight requirements for women vary by age, so it is important to know the category you fall under.

Height and weight measurements are recorded at a Military Entrance Processing Station (MEPS) and are taken using inches and pounds. This is the height and weight chart army females:

Weight by years of age for females (lbs)
17-20yrs 21-27 yrs 28-39 yrs 40+yrs
4ft 10in
Min 91 91 91 91
Max 119 121 122 124
4ft 11in
Min 94 94 94 94
Max 124 125 126 128
5ft 0in
Min 97 97 97 97
Max 128 129 131 133
5ft 1in
Min 100 100 100 100
Max 132 134 135 137
5ft 2in
Min 104 104 104 104
Max 136 138 140 142
5ft 3in
Min 107 107 107 107
Max 141 143 144 146
5ft 4in
Min 110 110 110 110
Max 145 147 149 151
5ft 5in
Min 114 114 114 114
Max 150 152 154 156
5ft 6in
Min 117 117 117 117
Max 155 156 158 161
5ft 7in
Min 121 121 121 121
Max 159 161 163 166
5ft 8in
Min 125 125 125 125
Max 164 166 168 171
5ft 9in
Min 128 128 128 128
Max 169 171 173 176
5ft 10in
Min 132 132 132 132
Max 174 176 178 181
5ft 11in
Min 136 136 136 136
Max 179 181 183 186
6ft 0in
Min 140 140 140 140
Max 184 186 188 191
6 1in
Min 144 144 144 144
Max 189 191 194 197
6 2in
Min 148 148 148 148
Max 194 197 199 202
6 3in
Min 152 152 152 152
Max 200 202 204 208
6ft 4in
Min 156 156 156 156
Max 205 207 210 213
6ft 5in
Min 160 160 160 160
Max 210 213 215 219
6ft 6in
Min 164 164 164 164
Max 216 218 221 225
6ft 7in
Min 168 168 168 168
Max 221 224 227 230
6ft 8in
Min 173 173 173 173
Max 227 230 233 236

Female Maximum Body Fat Percentages


Female Age Groups






Body Fat %






All US Army soldiers are weighed twice a year to ensure that they meet the weight standards set by the Army. Already enlisted Army soldiers who are above standards will be admitted into the Weight Management Program, which requires soldiers to lose a certain amount of weight in a monthly time period. Soldiers who fall below the set minimum weight standards will be sent for medical evaluation.

Why Do You Need to Stay Fit In the Army?

Keeping within the weights and height standards of the army is a mandatory condition for both active duty and reserve soldiers.

More often, the physical activities of the Army ensure their weight and body fat composition stays within limits. However, for those assigned desk duties, they have to get into a regular physical fitness routine to keep their bodies fit.

Apparently, the army does not condone overweight individuals and soldiers with poor body composition for prolonged periods since this may lead to a deceased individual’s performance thereby causing disruption to their respective units.

That’s why everyone must be physically fit and have a low body fat composition.

Army Height and Weight Standards for Females – FAQs

Can you join the army if you’re fat?

There’s one way for you to still serve the U.S. Armed Forces if you are obese. It’s by receiving a medical waiver. Approximately 20% of new recruits need a waiver for their weight to attend boot camp. However, those who receive a waiver must lose weight and meet the minimum requirements prior to the end of boot camp to be able to continue training.

What happens if you fail the height and weight army?

As mentioned above, The Army Height and Weight standards play an important role in the process of getting in the Army and it’s required. So if you fail the Height Weight standard, bad things can happen to you. You can get discharged from the military, FLAGGED, your bonus can be recouped, and you can even miss out on schools and promotions.

Which branch of the military is best for females?

Since women often say travel was their reason for enlisting in the Army, it is no surprise that many choose to serve in the Navy. It is said to be the best place for those who like to travel while the Air Force is considered as being far ahead in such quality of life issues as housing which may influence other women’s decisions.

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