army asvab practice test

Army ASVAB Practice Test

It’s worth noting that every branch of the U.S. Military has different minimum standards depending on the intensity of their designation or military disposition. The Army ASVAB Test is one of those standards. However, our Army ASVAB Practice Test definitely can help.

Joining the military forces has become more comprehensive than ever before. Not only will you undergo physical training but will also be immersed in certain educational domains. Established by the Department of Defense, the ASVAB Test or Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery is a timed yet well-researched format that encapsulates a high degree of aptitude test. It quantifies the potential capacity of a young adult’s success in military formation and grants a general viewpoint upon determining what army position you’re most suitable with. 

It’s worth noting that every branch of the U.S. Military has different minimum standards depending on the intensity of their designation or military disposition. The Army ASVAB Test is one of those standards. However, our free Army ASVAB Practice Test 2021 definitely can help you get a better score on your test!

The Army ASVAB Practice Test, just the same as the real test, has two versions:

  • First, is the ASVAB Career Exploration Program (CEP), which is actualized to assimilate proper planning and exploration to specified military careers and correctional facilities. That being said, it is a multifaceted program that pre-defines the aptitude of a high school and community college student.
  • Secondly, is the enlistment version provided by a Military Entrance Processing Station (MEPS), solely anchored on recruitment purposes.
army asvab practice test
Army ASVAB practice test


ASVAB Test Scores and Requirements

To join the Army, you need to meet the following requirements:

  • Applicant must be 18 years old. Any age is less than it requires parental consent.
  • By standards, the maximum achievable ASVAB score is 99.
  • Regarding the Army enlistment, the minimum score must be no less than 31 by means of ASVAB criteria.
  • Acquiring particular enlistment bonuses, an Army recruit has to achieve a score no less than 50.
  • Medical Screening evaluation is a must in accordance with the Military regulations.
  • You must be a bonafide US citizen or those with Legal Permanent Resident certification.
  • For non-US citizens, proper documents must be relayed to validate your enlistment choice.
  • Unlike other military branches, the Army is less strict with GED (General Education Diploma) recruits. On top of this, a special program signified as Army Prep School is also available for individuals without a GED or high school diploma.
  • Nearly similar to the Air Force, the Army also tender recruits for a higher enlistment disposition provided that they have college experience. More so, extending the rank to E-4 for bachelor degree holders.

If you want to grasp more information about U.S Army Ranks In Order and Insignia, click on the highlighted link to collect what you need to know.

Army Line Scores

The ASVAB Army test, as well as the Army ASVAB Practice Test, covers a variety of subject domains, and these are:

  • General Sciences (GS)           
  • Mathematical Knowledge (MK);
  • Arithmetic Reasoning (AR)                    
  • Electronics Information (EI)
  • Word Knowledge (WK)                                   
  • Auto and Shop Information (AS)
  • Paragraph Comprehension (PC)                   
  • Mechanical Comprehension (MC)
  • Assembling Objects (AO)

The following abbreviations signify the included domains with regards to the general classification:

  • VE = WK + PC
  • CO – Combat skills: AR+CS+AS+MC
  • EL – Electrical Cognition: GS+AR+MK+EI
  • FA – Field Armament: AR+CS+MK+MC
  • GM – Generalized Maintenance: GS+AS+MK+EL
  • GT – Generalized Technicalities: AR+VE
  • MM – Mechanical Maintenance: AS+EI+NO+MC+
  • SC – Survey and Communications: AR+MC+VE+AS
  • ST – Skilled Technicalization: GS+VE+MK+MC
  • SF – Special Forces: GT ≥ 108, CO ≥ 98

The table below indicates the required minimum ASVAB scores to be assigned on different Army jobs: 

Combat EngineeringCO:88
Infantry Enlisted ReservistCO:87
Infantry personnelCO:88
Bridging Crew PersonnelCO:87
Trained DriverGM: ≥ 97/ GT:108/ ST:107
Utility PersonnelGM:88
FiremanGM:88 / CO:86
Interior ElectricianEL:94
Specialized Technical EngineeringST:101 / EL:93
Specialized Masonry & CarpentryGM:89
Geospatial EngineeringGT: ≥100 / ST:100
Tactical Artillery Systematized SpecialistFA:94
Fire Management SpecialistFA:95
FA SurveyorST:95 / FA:95 / EL:93
Senior Sergeant FAN/A
Battle Operations SpecialistMM:99 / GT:98/ CO:95
Air Traffic Control OperatorST:100
Attack Helicopter Repair manMM:100
UH-60/ CH-47 Helicopter Repair manMM:105
Special Forces RecruitGT:110 / SC:100
Army ScoutCO:87
IT SpecialistST:95 / GT:90
Specialized Radio InterceptorEL:97 / SC:97
Systematic Cyber Network InterceptorGT:105 / ST:105 / SC: 100
Primary Cable System Installation SpecialistEL:90 / SC:90
Multimedia IllustratorST:96 / EL:96 / GT:95
Special Production ConsultantST:91 / EL:93
Combat Documentation AnalystST:91 / EL:93
Paralegal ConsultantCL:105 /ST:103
CardiologistST:102 & GT:106
Specialized PharmacistST:95 / GT:95
Specialized Veterinary Food InspectorST:95, OF: 95
Prescribed Medicinal SpecialistST:101/ GT:100
Animal Welfare SpecialistST:92 / GT:90
Specialized Ear, Nose, and Throat ConsultantST:100 / GT:108
Specialized Respiratory ConsultantST:103
Specialized Combat Health ConsultantST:101 / GT:107 / CO: 100
Specialized Mental ConsultantST:102 / GT: 101
OphthalmologistST:105 / GT:108
Chemical Management ConsultantST:101
Fire Control Systems MaintenanceEL:96 / GM:89
Vehicular Tracking MechanicMM:89 / GT:85
Construction Gears & Equipment Repair manMM:92 / GT:86
Artillery Mechanics SpecialistMM:95 / GT:88
Stryker Systems MaintenanceMM:90 / GT:86
Automatic Logistics ConsultantCL:90 / ST: 90
Petroleum Laboratory SpecialistCL:87 / OF:85
Food Management SpecialistOF:85
Petroleum SpecialistST:91
Mortuary Affairs ConsultantGM:91 / ST:90
Water Treatment AdviserGM:88 / ST: 88
Resource SpecialistCL:91 / ST:90
LCEMS RepairerEL:102 / ST:100
Air Traffic Control MaintenanceEL:103 / ST: 103
Radio & Communication ConsultantEL:102 / ST:102
Computer Data Detection SpecialistEL:102 / ST:101
Radar Maintenance SpecialistEL:107
Integrated Testing OperatorEL:107 / ST:105
Specialized Intelligence AnalystST:105/ SC:95
Ground Surveillance OperatorEL:90 / SC:94
Counterintelligence SpecialistST:105 / SC:100~Q
General Language InterpreterST:95 / SC:95
Senior Sergeant in Human CognitionN/A
Networking Intelligence InterceptorST:104
Cryptologist/ Linguistic SpecialistST:94
Communications Prime InterceptorST:95 / GM: 95
Electronic Intelligence AnalystST:105 / EL: 100
Networking AnalystST:96
Senior Sergeant in Networking IntelligenceN/A
Religious Sector ConsultantCL:90 / SC:90
Specialized Biomedical Apparatus PractitionerEL:107
Specialized Surgeon ST:102 / GT:108
Practical Nursing AdviserST:100 / GT:106
Professional Room Operations SpecialistST:92
Dental Surgeon/Specialist ST:90
Specialized Physical TherapistST:101 / GT:107
Patient Administration SpecialistCL:90 / GT:91
Optical Research ConsultantGM:99
Logistical Medic ConsultantCL:91
Medical Laboratory SpecialistST:106
Specialized Occupational TherapistST:101 / GT:107
Food and Diet ConsultantOF:96 / ST:95

All mentioned army job titles above are just a few accounts of the actual number of military army-saturated career paths. Some may seem familiar but rather than the given minimum ASVAB line scores, there is still a high probability that there are underlying conditions necessary to be considered. Some given jobs with “N/A” line scores signify the particular career’s classified information. Ultimately, keep in mind that even if it’s regarded as the easiest US military branch to join, it still grants a complex deliberation of requirements and eligibility conditions. If you are truly up for the challenge, “LET US JOIN THE SERVICE!”

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