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As we learn more about the various branches of the US military, it becomes clear that passing a specific test to identify a prospective applicant's potential capabilities is a requirement for all of them. Taking the Army Armed Services Vocation Aptitude Battery (ASVAB) test is crucial in developing your military profile because it determines which military branch you are best suited for. Not to mention specific job titles that match your current skills and a general understanding of the latter.

Take note that your minimum ASVAB score will not only be considered in determining your eligibility to join the Air Force, but you must also achieve the required score to ensure your qualification for certain Air Force jobs. As a result, prepare thoroughly for the ASVAB practice test and the Air Force ASVAB practice test, as the results will impact your eligibility for certain ASVAB Air Force jobs.

Air Force ASVAB Educational Requirements

Nearly the same with other US military branches, it is by legal standards essential to bear a high school diploma because not having one would suppress your chances of actually joining the service. On the contrary, those with GEDs (General Education Diploma) may have a slimmer chance of applying for the position. Annually, merely 1% of the entire Air Force enlistments passed with only a GED. Generally, possessing a GED typically equates to a high school diploma, but the US military oversees it from a different perspective. Those with high ASVAB scores are deemed as in-demand applicants considering that they have a higher potential capacity in comprehending and handling unprecedented situations.

Common Requirements for Joining the Service

For joining the Air Force, you have to meet the following requirements:

  • All aspiring applicants must be at least 17 years old, and no more than 39 years old to meet the age requirements for joining the Air Force.
  • Those who are 17 years old are required to have a parent’s consent with them in taking the test.
  • Either US or non-US citizens must provide credible proof showing legal presence and further documents may be requested depending on the recruiter’s course of action.
  • All applicants must undergo a physical fitness evaluation coupled with numerous endurance tests.
  • Applicants must undergo a mental evaluation in lieu of the standardized military guidelines.
air force asvab practice test Air Force ASVAB practice test


Minimum Air Force ASVAB Score (General Score)

  • If you are a High school diploma holder, you must achieve at least 36 ASVAB scores —one of the highest required ASVAB minimum scores among other military branches. However, attaining the exact score of 36 doesn’t totally guarantee your place in the Air Force.
  • Based on a 2018 survey, 75% of the Air Force enlistment passers scored more than 50 for them to secure a credible place in the service.
  • In cases of being a GED holder alone, you are necessitated to score at least 65 in the AFQT (Armed Forces Qualification Test) which is 29 points higher than those with high school diplomas. That being said, having some pre-existing college credits may put you at a higher enlistment grade no less than tier 2 status.

We all can see, that without the ASVAB practice test Air Forceit's really hard to achieve that score.

ASVAB Sub-Domains

  • Arithmetical Rationalization (AR)
  • Mathematical Knowledge (MK),
  • Electrical Input (EI)
  • Generalized Sciences (GS)
  • Auto and Shop Input (AS)
  • Numeral Operations (NO)
  • Codification Speed (CS)
  • Vocal Eloquence (VE)

ASVAB Air Force Jobs and Required Minimum Air Force Scores

The four qualification areas here:

      The table below will show some Air Force Jobs along with corresponding qualification area minimum scores.

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Take note: All mentioned AFSCs are just a few of many Air Force-entitled jobs that you would eventually know as you impart on the Air Force ASVAB test. Relatively, the given minimum scores may differ from one recruiter to another. With that in thought, it's better if you achieve a higher score than what is initially given in the table above.

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